Nico Callewaert

Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 14:45-15:45
Cell surface glycosylation engineering of CAR-T cells.

Nico is professor of biochemistry and biotechnology at Ghent University and scientific director for VIB’s Center for Medical Biotechnology, in which 125 scientists in 8 research groups work to innovate biomedical molecular analytics and bio-engineering. His lab develops biomedical analytical technology for diagnostics and target discovery, as well as synthetic biotechnology for customized biopharmaceutical molecule- and cell engineering. While the lab focuses on innovating the foundations of technology in these areas, practical end-products of our endeavors include GlycoLiverProfile for cirrhosis diagnosis and HCC risk assessment, now being introduced in the clinic (, lysosome-drug targeting glyco-engineering (, yeast GlycoSwitch glycan humanization and GlycoDelete biopharmaceutical glyco-engineering, orally administered antibody technology for GI tract disease treatment ( and VHH-Fc anti-infectious disease antibodies, incl. XVR011 for Covid19 ( Nico is an inventor of more than 200 patent applications in >35 different families.


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